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yahoo groups closing down

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Hello Great Lakers,
I belong to a few other yahoo groups. One of the groups had someone post this. It looks like the group doesn't cost for the free version. I don't think there is that many files to move that you would have to do the paid version?  Eventually maybe the members could send 5 dollars to a person who manages the group if it requires paying?  just some suggestions.
Here is what was posted on another yahoo group about changing to
don't profess to have the perfect answer but I do have a suggestion for
the group owners that wish to keep their groups going but just don't
know where to go.

You can transfer your group over the the platform. This is
very similar to the yahoo platform but it has a few added features to
it. There is a free option which gives you 1GB of storage and a paid
version which costs $10 a month and this gives you 10GB of storage for
those that have massive files sections or save a massive amount of
photos. Your members won't be so freaked out and worried that they won't
be able to function in the new platform. It even looks very similar to
what they are used to with the Yahoo group format.

Many group owners sign up for the free one to begin with and then if it
suits them, and they need the extra storage, they upgrade to the paid

I have given the link to transfer groups over below here and I hope that this helps.

Easy Group Transfer To Groups IO

Do you have a group with Yahoo or Google that you'd like to move to We've just launched our group transfer service to make it
easy to do. Simply click here and follow the instructions.
Have an idea for how to improve Join the beta group and let us know.
Thanks for using!

Okay a small solution to folks that are in groups that are not
transferring to another platform and that wish to continue sharing
information (and recipes) to help others and to have other folks to chat
I have listed two links below and would like to invite those that wish
to continue sharing information and chatting with others to come and
join either group or if you prefer, join both groups.
The groups have an awesome group of people in each and they would love
to have more people to share and to chat with. So you are more than
welcome to come along and join if you wish.

This group covers everything homesteading and self reliant related such
as gardening, beekeeping, permaculture, frugal living, alternative
power, cooking, raising animals, farming, canning, survival skills,
preparedness, learning many of the older skills and keeping the older
skills alive before they are lost forever. etc. etc.

Delicious Low Budget Recipes
This group is for folks that love to share and collect recipes. We
share budget friendly recipes, old family recipes and favourites and
recipes that do not use a lot of prepackaged or commercially processed
foods. This group too has a bunch of really good people that just love
to help others be able to cook cheaper while not compromising on

These groups have few rules but do insist on members being courteous,
and polite to each other. They also prefer not to have lurkers but to
have folks join that wish to be active and participate so that everyone
can learn and thus share.

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Just trying to help.

Mike in Iowa