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    i do not know how to send multiple photos via facebook, but have several separate ones to you, Jeff, myself. I can send a group of photos to a text # or e mail, & will try WACO/GLsite. So I put a nut outside the Angle or in your case the" I" beam turns it with a hand wrench and pulls the piston out of the strut barrel. if there is a large vice or way to hold beam it makes it easier. There seems to be some variable od size to diameter of piston , the seal is the only one that size fits all but a smaller or larger "o" ring may be trial and error fitted. remember to loosen the nut on the strut to pull it apart and put spring & nut on first before re assembly. I pre -filled w hyd [red 5606] just made it easier and turn finished strut upside down after compressing it several time to ck for leaks. slight ooze is apparently normal unless it will live in inverted flight for extended periods then the size "o" ring could be larger or smaller. all said applies to G.L. ass well as STA struts


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